Friday, February 4, 2011

Magic Regrets 02

Seems like it is going to be segment here. As long as Phil keeps making these.

This is what the demo from the originator, Michael P. Lair looks like:

And an Indian version by Uday Jadugar, which I have to say is much better in terms of method. In terms of looks both versions are about equal.


Anonymous said...

Ah well if you buy this tat and it doesn't work , you deserve all you get.

This stuff passes as magic...really!!!

This is why magic is a bit of a joke with some people. Grown up men playing with their silly toys.

No class, no mystery , just mechanisms that give sad sad people a bit of happiness and those watching interminable torture.

Really if you are a magi that would buy this kind of stuff to perform , think again. Why not just get your old train set out, set it up on stage in front of your audience and let them watch you play with that instead. Choo Choo !!!

Gary Magic said...

Well said Mike, I agree with you fully on that. They say there's a time and place for everything, well this effect shoots that theory right out of the water lol!!