Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WMF Shawn Farquhar

Shawn Farquhar, the two time world champion of magic. He acts so professional, so ultra professional, so super duper professional. Well in a certain way he is. He is a professional in making others believe he is a professional.

Have you seen his magic?

Decent. That is it. No more. He claims he created the tricks above. Really? I have NEVER seen something similar before. And I am not being IRONIC.

I saw him at a lecture. Mr. Farquhar is a name dropper. This is a habit of people with a low self esteem. And if this guy lacks anything, it is modesty.

His skills and his presentations are barely above average, yet he acts, as if he is the best thing since sliced bread.

And I assume he googles his name every day, so: "Shawn Farquhar: You are not awesome, your are just normal. Face it."


Ryan Pilling said...

Name Dropper: Absolutely.

Modest: Nope!

Best full stage magic show I've ever seen in my life: Yup.

Roland said...

Hmm, your opinion. I have seen his show. It is ok, but that is about it. Not bad. Totally average. But maybe his act has changed. I could be wrong.

preachersparrow said...

I've ordered his Lecture Notes, and responded with my displeasure at his "Web-Based" and .pdf formats, rather than getting some b**s and making a DVD (he was offended when I suggested that he was disconnected from the digital media of this Millenium).

Oh well – I can print out the 40-some pages from his .pdf...

Dr. Paul Mahn

Roland said...

yeah, this sort of stuff happens, with guys like him. Being offended when some sort of improvement is suggested.


Trickster said...

"Being offended when some sort of improvement is suggested."

Yep, I'm sure Shawn never considered doing a DVD and his PDF format wasn't a deliberate choice. Have you considered that he didn't want to do a DVD?

José said...

He's average, and yet he is twice world champion of magic.


burtonjc100 said...

I have see his lectures, watched his stage show and closeup show, and spoken with him privately. He was nothing but professional on and off stage. Super nice guy. It must suck to live life as a bunch of haters like all of you guys.

Jake Burton

Ultimagic said...

In my opinion, Shawn Farcequad is a piece of garbage.

I got into a fight with him on the cafe about "His" signed card to sealed card case effect. (Which BTW is NOT his). In the end he was proven wrong. As soon as he was, He started posting fake PM's saying that they were from me. These fake PM's had me calling him every name in the book including a pussy. (Which I don't really disagree with, But nonetheless I did not write).

I contacted the cafe admin telling them what was going on, and guess what happened... I GOT BANNED! Yep, for stuff I did not even write made up by a piece of scum who was proven wrong and wanted to get back at somebody. But thats the cafe and Brooks for ya.

This dude is a loser and a piece of trash. More than that, He is a mediocre magician at best. He really doesn't even deserve a WMF because technically, You can't really fail at something you could never succeed at.

Steve said...

I've met Shawn in person few times, I sat with him at the table for magic jamming session, I've seen his lectures, shows (close-up and stage), formal and Informal performances,
and All I can say is - He is a super nice guy, very charismatic, energetic, talented, creative, fun and funny !!!
His attitute is super positive, his technique is flawless, his magic is amazing !!!
He's finest example I know of what a magician can be, should be and is !!!

Ultimagic said...

Steve, (Shawn)

It would be a sad, Sad world if all magicians were like you... I mean.. This idiot.

You... I mean... He, Is one of the rudest, untalented, uncreative, self absorbed people it has ever been my misfortune to talk to.

And great idea for you/Him to pull down all of your/his vids on youtube that others had posted because of "Copyright" violations. Its better that way so that no one gets to see what an untalented hack you/he is.

OldGuysRule said...

Ultimagic-- how old are you... 12?

It seems as if anyone you've had contact with that didn't agree with you is evil incarnate.

I mean, I've seen some people make personal attacks before, but you seem to be addicted to them.

Grow up.

Unknown said...

I like how the haters say he isn't a good magician and blah blah blah. Who else has stumped Penn and Teller with a magic trick? Not you certainly, yet you talk shit from behind a computer screen. Get over yourselves.

Justin said...

So far, there've been plenty that have.

And did you see that performance? It was pretty terrible. You don't have to be a good magician to fool someone.

But hey, any 12 year old could fool P&T if they had the necessary Rusduck material.

Tomsk192 said...

"Haters". Tell you what, that word really gets up my fucking nose. Let's slam the Times Literary Review, or The New Yorker, or anything that publishes "criticism". If you go out to perform, put yourself in the public eye, you are asking for judgement. This is the reality of performance.
The word "hater" is a YouTube invention, for people who react badly to what they consider to be dross.
Does Roland hate this guy? I don't think so, that would be wasted emotion. Does he think he is average? Well, yes, he said so.
FISM or JISM or the Women's Institute can award lovely prizes, and Penn & Teller can keep on sending card magicians to Vegas. So what? Does that mean people can't be critical?
I enjoy reading this site because it represents the views of an individual who cares about magic, and I often appreciate his viewpoint. If you don't like it, make your case as to why Roland is wrong in this case, using reasoned arguments.
If you want to call people haters because their brain cells exceed their IQ, then fuck off back to the magic cage. [sic]
For my part, the deck switch on Fool Us was truly awful, with a 'joke' that wouldn't make my 3 year old smile.
But hey, he's off to Vegas, so everyone observe a holy silence?

Tomsk192 said...

oops, Times Literary Supplement... I meant

JammyT said...

Tomsk192 - I agree

I am only adding my two cents because I too saw the argument on the cafe between Shawn and a guy called Stephane Jardonnet who basically 'beat' him in releasing 'a signed card to sealed deck' effect before him.

Shawn was a complete brat about it,'how can you not know who I am, and that I don't already perform that routine bla bla bla'.

In short it wasn't his idea / method and Stephane's performance was much better.

Re: the whole Penn and Teller thing, he only just scraped through to Vegas, but they did spot most of his moves and actually saw his deck switch. If you are going to fool two very clever magicians with a trick that involves a deck swith and they spot the switch, in my eyes you have failed.

Even if you think he is technically a good magician he can still be an ass and in my eyes still be a WMF!