Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #5

This I like. It is on the magic market for quite a while now. The price will scare most, but this is so good. Any arm chopper will scream "gimmick" so having an ungimmicked one is priceless. Also it packs small and plays big. The build in structure nicely motivates the secret move and you get in the arm of the spectators in a very scheming way. Jimmy Finger, I like you.

The next one is bad. David Regal sells the effect (plus gimmick)for 37,15 dollars. Really? Now how could that work? I cannot tell. Maybe I should ask a layperson. They will instantly know. Maybe in context this is applicable.

And to finish something in between: Dice illusion v.2. Really interesting effect, and actually performable in the right setting.

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