Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Coin Introduction

Have a coin finger palmed in the left hand. "Look, I have a very special coin right here" and pretend to hold a coin visible at your fingertips in your left hand (which is ironic because there is a real coin right there)
"It is special, because only smart people can see it. You can see it, right?" pointing with the empty right hand to anybody in the audience.
Then the right hand opens wide to show it's emptiness once again and pretends to grab the left hand invisible coin, but grabs the real one. "But if I turn the coin around, only dumb people can see it," The turning motion is acted out and the coin is actually displayed and put back in the left hand (same position as the invisible coin before)
The right hand goes up to the beard in a pondering motion "Or was it the other way around?"

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