Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Passing Time

Frequently asked questions and their answers:

Can you turn a 10 into a 20?

  • "If I could I wouldn't be here!"
  • "Sure I can, I just don't want to. I like being poor!"
  • "Well yes, but tell me: Why should I do it for you?"
  • "Yes, I mean no, forget I ever said 'yes'. Even forget that I just said that. I better shut up now. And you do the same. Understood?"

Can you make my wife disappear?

  • "Okay, close your eyes." then addressing the wife "This is your chance. RUN!"
  • "Of course I can. I just need to call my pet Mafiosi Luigi and all will be well."
  • "How much will you pay?"
  • "She asked first, so both of us have an appointment in that dark ally outside, later."

Where did you learn that?

  • "I could tell you, but then I have to kill you!"
  • "I am not telling you, I do not want future rivals"
  • "I bought a magic set yesterday"
  • "I was born with this, it's a gift from my father. Favourite guy in the 70's. Doug was his name!"

How did you do that?

  • "Not quite sure, I am surprised myself each and every time. Call it motivation!"
  • "I wish I would get a buck each time I hear that question. Oh by the way, you owe me a buck now"
  • "42"
  • "Oh boy, that question again. I'll give you the most honest answer:" yelling into their ear "It's a trick!"

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