Monday, June 8, 2009

WMF Brad "Puma" Jackson

Puma Skills. Yeah. Puma, stand for Pick Up Magic Artist. Brad Jackson is the "creator" of this marketing idea. It is not a new idea to sell the hope of getting sex to social losers. Heck it is not even a new idea in magic. But it deserves mention. 

Naturally, being a social loser I signed up. I got a few emails, giving me links.

Here they are in order:


All of that serves one purpose, to hype the Mastery Course. Which is on sale for $67.00. 

So, we got a decent looking guy who says is good picking up chicks, lousy at doing magic (he flashes in the performances a lot) and I am led to believe I can be just like him.

This is really cool. No wait, it is not. It is selling a lie to the customer.

I love magic way too much to see it abused for such purposes. Unfortunately it works. You can actually pick up chicks with doing just magic. Well, you also need decent looks, nice behaviour, something to talk about besides magic and confidence.

And the lack of the later one seems more of a reason why most of us got into magic in he first place.

Thank you Brad for rubbing it in our face. Uh, I mean, for pointing it out.

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