Friday, June 19, 2009

WMF Daniel Ulzen

This delayed WMF goes to Daniel Ulzen a German magician based in Berlin. Here is why: Daniel has a website. On that website you will find a video. On that video (it's German) you will see a whole bunch of quick tricks that he teaches children in his online magic school. For 5€ (about 7$) a month, you will learn 35 new tricks each month and have access to all of the previous month's tricks. That is less then 15 cents per trick.

So Daniel Ulzen is basically giving away magic. He claims that most of the tricks just need 5 minutes to 30 minutes of practice... well yeah right.

But all of that make him not WMF-worthy. It is this: He is also active in the Magic Café. He asked for a cheap alternative for rough and smooth spray. A friend of mine told him where to get the alternative. Daniel thanked him, mentioning that he will need it for the Invisible Deck, that he might teach for a fee to his "pupils". My friend was outraged, naturally.

Daniel asked for a information, as if he needed it. But all he wanted was to turn this into money. And he doesn't even feel guilty about it.

His Magic Café name is "Daniel Ulzen" I recommend searching for the thread I mentioned. I will not link to this, because it seems like a common habit that the thread will be deleted, if it is mentioned anywhere.

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