Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on the Puma Thingy

As expected I get daily email from Brad Jackson. Of course no personal email, just the "newsletter" that I didn't sign up to. (It's actually marked as spam by my spam filter)


I don't think I'm being to subtle when 
I say I've been trying to get you into 
the PUMA Skills Mastery Course 2.0, 

But if you're not convinced I decided 
to give you an exclusive sneak peak 
inside exactly what you'll 
be getting

Brad Jackson

That link above will lead to this:
A video telling me what I will get. I suggest hitting the pause button once in a while to read some of the stuff in the video. It will tell you a lot.

But this post lacks funny. So here it is:

"I bet you all wanna know what that pixie dust is! Right? Well if you put it on a mirror, in a line and have a rolled up dollar bill... Let's say it this way. You are gonna see the pixies."

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