Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WMF Chris Kenner

I heard so many good things about Chris Kenner. Being a consultant of David Copperfield and other stuff. In fact, I read his wonderful book, "Totally Out of Control" It is a great magic book. Lot's of knuckle busting stuff. Hell I even perform a few of his effects. ("In Ten City" and "Long gone Silver")

So I know this guy is good. He is a great thinker and reading his book I got the impression he loves magic. But he seems to like money even more.

Exhibit #1: "Tnr by Mathieu Bich" a horrible effect that Kenner advertises on the hip and cool website Theory 11. Effect: A card is torn into 4 pieces, the pieces are restored piece by piece and in the end the card transforms into a different card. This is a monster.

Not only is the trick extremely impractical, it also makes no sense. If a card is torn and restored, the first assumption of any spectator is "switch". And basically their thoughts are proven with this.

Chris Kenner is smart enough to understand that this effect is trash and that the trick is impractical. The fact that he still advertises it makes me think that he is either forced to do it, (I think I heard the trigger of a gun in the demo video) or that he just wants to milk our money, implying that he doesn't care for the art anymore (if he ever had).

Shame on you for being such a sellout, for saying "f*** you art, hello business."

And I really like your routines.


KiKeNiCo said...

But you know, being a magic legend is even better if you can hang around with some youngsters trying to impress chicks with his "Watch!" feats...You can't possibly be cooler than that...

Roland said...

So it is about being cool. That is so weak.

Ultimagic said...

Cool? Just look at his girlfriend Katy. The kids over on the boards would get a hard-on every time she posted a message over there. She did a few crappy effects on video (Prompted by Kenner no doubt, If for no other reason that to show off his younger-than-him F**K toy) and the kids were all following with their tongues out, Proclaiming to her that she was the best female magician they had ever seen.

The whole thing was really quite pathetic. If you happened to be like me and put your honest opinion of what was happening up on the boards, Two hours later low-and-behold, there would be a message from Katy and Kenner in your PM box telling you how rude you are and if you didn't like what she was doing to leave the boards. So thats what I did. With a final "F. you" to Katy, Kenner and all the other little brats, I bowed out of the hormone fest then and forever more.

Kenner deserves this "Award" for quite a few reasons. Not the least of which are the choices he had made while with Theory 11.

BTW, you know why they named it Theory 11 don't you? Its because the theory was that they could suck more money out of kids parents pockets if they catered to mostly 11 year olds.