Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gee, he needs help! Let's leave him Happy Pills!

Back to David J. Castle the Michigan Marketing Consultant Magician. His business website is really, really bad.

He should hire a web designer, that would be a good marketing move.

Anyway, I ranted quite a bit about the magic website he runs. But even worse is the message board. The way the members treat secrets and magic in general makes me sad. They openly ask for secrets and they get answers. Links to file hosts and plain text explanations. This forum is the lowest form of a gathering of magic scum. Even worse than the Magic Café. I hate them. I really do. I feel that my beloved magic is abused with such treatment. Sad, so sad.

Anyway, something funny to help me and something funny you can do:

Fun With Mall Detectives!

Go to a supermarket, have an empty bag with you. Go to a shelf with valuable stuff, that is fairly small. Now pretend to steal it. Put it in your bag, palm it, get other one (same one) and keep doing that for a little bit. Don't be subtle about it. Just put stuff in the bag. The last one (the only one) you put back in the shelf.

Make sure to stand optimized towards the surveillance camera. Then wonder around in the store, look at stuff and then slowly walk towards the exit.

Chances are good, that security is waiting for you. Look all innocent, follow them, make no trouble. Make slow movements. For they expect you to get rid of the bag before you all reach the office.

Let them search you, but insist on an official apology in the end.

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