Friday, February 3, 2012

So He's Banned

Harry Lorayne on the MC

I LOVE critical views from those who know what the h*ll they're talking about, houtjes, certainly not from you. And, listen closely, if you can - I "plug" (I call it "mention") my magic books WHEN I FEEL (in many cases, KNOW) that they can help. Just as the poster above admitted he didn't know about an item under discussion of mine, that has been around for decades. Hey, who knows? I may have - or may not - have helped him. Immaterial; I tried.

I frankly doubt that you understand that. Or, that magic is, has been for over six decades, a labor of love for me. Yes, my magic books sell more than most - but NOWHERE NEAR THE BOOKS I WRITE FOR THE PUBLIC (differences of hundreds of thousands, if you can "grasp" that).

Yes, it must be a cultural difference - it makes me feel good to help people. I realize that YOU (I don't know about your "WE")don't realize, understand, that - because I don't know or see how you help anyone. (Certainly not in magic - how long have you been into magic, I'd be curious to know.) And, you really have given me the laugh of the day - you come in with your un-called-for RUDE silliness, and when I respond YOU can't seem to "take" my critical view of you.

As I said, I don't know about your "we" - I've spent time in Holland, lectured, spent time with individuals - please don't drop them down into your class. So, if you want to come in where no-one asked you, where you know nothing of the situation, with a "low blow" directly at me don't expect me to lie back and enjoy it. Not the nature of this beast. (PS: I do appreciate your "true master" remark!)

later he added this

I'm sorry, houtjes, do you mean like the way you judged me here: "A bit more modesty wouldn't harm you Mister Lorayne..." - your "fair remark"? Is that what you mean? Like your original un-called "flaming" at me? My posts are not "un-called" for - they're in response to your bullcr*p. You're a joke!! And - I take you VERY SERIOUSLY. Believe me. Seriously enough that I won't sit back and allow your egotistical b*******t to go unanswered.

Dude, just because you censor your own profanities doesn't mean you didn't fucking mean it.

According to Genii this got HL banned from the MC. Too bad, reading his stuff was a riot.


darkstar said...

That is too bad. Harry has never been in my personal "upper class" of books and whatnot.

Though it's all amusing, I always admired the way he is himself, for better or worse. Somehow it's almost as if he feels "we all need him" in some manner...not so much.

I think MC should realize we can all handle anything anyone says on a bloody magic forum. Personally I have yet to be offended by anything anyone has said online....disagree, dislike, etc..sure. Nothing wrong with being outspoken. Even for Barry..I mean Harry.

darkstar said...

More information than anyone would want to know...just a shirt funny story.

I decided to teach my bartender buddy "One Eyed Jack". I asked him to read it aloud and I would do the trick as he read. I about pissed myself when he started...I'm too lazy to get th book but it was something like...

"I started the whole sandwich trend..I Think I did anyway..."

Hearing it like that from someone else reading was highly amusing at the time.

Justin said...

Yeah, he was so gung-ho about himself that it was just amusing. Amusingly dickish.

All I can say it's truly surprising. He's like the Cafe's flagship poster. It's crazy that someone there would actually have the balls to ban him. Hilarious all the same.

Obviously it won't last. Let's just see how long it takes.

The magic community is so lol.

Barry Solayme said...
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Barry Solayme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barry Solayme said...

Well, so-called "Justin", and Mr Darkstar, (who AT LEAST doesn't post under some greasy pseudonym), I can tell you that man is a charlatan.

His posts and comments on the internet are nothing less than a DESPICABLE PERSONAL ATTACK UPON MYSELF!

He is a cruel and sick person, who deliberately exaggerates my foibles to create a grotesque parody of the REAL Barry Solayme. That miserable fuck.

Don't lose any sleep over that guy. He isn't even real.


Sleightly Deceptive said...

Ah! I thought it had gone quiet! The Green Monster has shown its bollocks of late! About time!