Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Audio Rant #14 Lying


Tomsk192 said...

Spot on.

石榮狼 said...

I agree - with some exceptions. Some characters may suit the usage of such "white lies" better than others, particularly those who opt for a performance of obvious theatrical nature, where both the tricks and the story are elements of some kind of live-action tale. But most magicians out there (myself included) are simply not fit to use such tools. It makes me cringe every time I hear that same lame story again about black ink being heavier than the red one to "explain" the oil & water card trick.
I'd say Derren Brown is an excellent example of "quality lying": if you're gonna' lie, THAT's the way to go!

By the way, is the claim of having learnt magic in China a common presentation gimmick? I hadn't heard it before; but if it is that would explain why people seldom believe me when I say I did... which in my case is true. Bummer.

Roland said...

It is a commonplace here in Germany. Especially children shows are cursed with it.

石榮狼 said...

Ah, but when it comes to children shows, you can get away with a lot more than you would dealing with adults. What will get an adult's eyes rolling may well mesmerize a kid.
The rules of your audio rant state that if you can make your lie believable, it becomes fair game. I'd say one could very well make that infamous Chinese master fall back within the realm of the "believable-ergo-acceptable" when performing for children (as a matter of fact it would theoretically be possible even with grown-ups, but that would take a hell of a lot more talent/research/finesse). If you claim to sprinkle some powdered unicorn-horn on a coin to make it vanish, you'll lose your adult audience right away; but you'll cause many a kid to enthusiastically report back home "Mummy, there was a magician at school today, and he had some POWDERED UNICORN-HORN!!! And it made stuff turn INVISIBLE!"
Well, I'm sure you see my point.
After all, the 1st act of your "virtual nothing-off-limits magic show" (which I enjoy immensely, by the way) mentions dealing with fairy tale gnomes/imps... ;)