Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haters gonna hate!

You gotta love Google cache. So a friend of mine sends me a message: "Dude you got haters!" And links me to Somebody actually made a website using my name. That sort of behavior seems familiar. I think Bob Cassidy had a similar problem once. There seems to be no content, but thanks to Google cache... here it is in all it's glory:

Stay away from Roland Henning. He’s the biggest magic failure ever, which is why he attacks others. He has never written any books. He’s never had his own television show. He’s never had a big theater show. He has no products on the market that are worth anything. He’s a hack commentator with nothing but negative things to say about others who are more successful than himself.

Roland Henning at the Weekly Magic Failure has said mean and nasty things about everyone in magic that remotely crosses his path. And yet, he has never offered the magic world anything at all himself. Nothing.

Just another moron in magic hiding behind a blog.

Because I'm a failure I attack others? There is a really big lack of causality here. True, I never wrote any books. True, I never had a television show. Also true, no big theater show (just small ones) and no products on the market. But going all absolute saying that I have nothing but negative things to say is simply wrong. What about my winner's month in April? I praise more successful magicians like shit. So that statement is just wrong.
Also I do contribute to the magic world. I got a whole blog devoted to magic. My own creations and all for free. But I choose who can read my Super Secret Magic Blog!

It goes on:

Roland Henning is nothing. He’s a bit of a waste of human flesh. He’s a douche bag. An ass hat. A fat, slovenly, unhappy wannabe who lashes out at the rest of the world on the internet because he has nothing to show for his own life. He thinks he’s important. He sees himself as talented. He considers himself marvelous. But he is arrogant. Loud mouthed. And lonely. He’s the last person you would want to hire to entertain at your party. If you read around, he spends more time talking about other people than simply trying to better his own life. He’s a sad, sad, man. Keep him away from your children!

Actually I don't think I'm important, but obviously important enough so some people go through the effort creating a website using my name spreading half baked rumors. Also I'm not talented. However I'm fucking creative. That's my thing.
I spend more time talking about other people than to better my own life? Are you stalking me or something to know that?

The website has been registered by Magisch Revolutie B.V. c/o Dynadot Privacy.

Hmm Magic Revolution? Where have I heard this before.


darkstar said...

The same guy that says haters make him money.

He failed to mention you don't have 120,000 plus followers and twitter, and only follow 17....Priorities Roland. Time to cash in and line up all the psudo horse shit in your life, make it sound huge and buy a new Porsche.

Then again a modest, "no one", that doesn't find himself particularly special or fantastic is a healthier existence.

darkstar said...

The Beatles didn't make good music because they did drugs. Elvis was worse because he got fat.

This blog is not approved because the writer of this blog doesn't...all kinds of things.

Tomsk192 said...

One thing's for sure, someone out there is very bitter and a bit pathetic. Guess what, Roland, it's not you!

Love this blog, and your epic contributions via the daily card trick etc. Actually, those contributions have inspired me to buy a few new books over the past year or so, as well as revisiting and revaluating work I had passed over.

Thanks for your work, I'm one of the many who enjoy it greatly. Of course, it helps that you do have a sense of humour, unlike some total cretins I can think of.

Perhaps, (I almost hate to say it), Barry might step up and offer his thoughts on one particular cretin... If you are reading, Barry, then do consider it.



the Minutemen said...

Roland, what you do is an idea.

An idea inside a human mind cannot be destroy. That personal just does not know most followers of this blog have the same idea of what you do.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But your language is most disgraceful, my boy. You really must improve it. You don't want potential bookers to see you swearing, do you?