Saturday, February 4, 2012

WMF David Penn

David Penn, the even lesser half of The Wizard Product review is not the brightest of all lights. I've mentioned that before. But here is what happened. 20 days ago the Wizard Product Review was published and David Penn tore apart the new Jeff McBride DVD, as it apparently contained part of Wayne Dobson's act. When I saw that I seriously doubted that Jeff McBride would do that, unless he secured the rights or made massive modifications so he could call it his own.

David Penn even informed Wayne Dobson of this before the actual show. And Wayne Dobson even believed the man.

So what does Wayne Dobson do? He confronted Jeff McBride, who in turn showed him the "clip in question". Of course is was unlike what Wayne Dobson does. So Wayne Dobson does the next correct thing and calls David Penn asking them to take down the episode, as it wasn't true.

David Penn did so, but started their next review with an introduction, that they took it down because Wayne and Jeff came to an agreement.

NOT true you dickhead! You were wrong, but your fucking pride in finding a possible piece of sensational journalism made you blind for the obvious. That you were simply wrong about things.

David Penn even went so far asking Wayne Dobson to post something on the green monster thanking David Penn to have helped resolving that situation. A situation you cause you idiot!

Wayne Dobson released a lengthy statement about this but the last few lines need to be posted:
I think David Penn should be ashamed and I hope that our community takes the correct action to show that this type of behaviour is unacceptable. I hope the magiccafe and its members show their displeasure in ways that will make him realise that intimidation, coercion and bullying are not acceptable in our world.


Trotsky-Turvy Aces said...

plus apparently he recorded their phone calls, sent them to other people and used them to intimidate someone with multiple sclerosis.

I don't know if everything is true (Dobson has no reason to lie btw), but if it is, it's disgusting.

It seems that the obsession for magic and toys has prevented some people from evolving into mature human beings...

Trickster said...

Watched the wizard review once, or more precisely, for about 3 minutes of one episode. Two morons spouting off about stuff they very obviously know little about just grated on me. So in the interest of not throwing my screen across the room I turned them off.

Bizzaro. said...

Calling someone out on theft from people who would use fake demos to sell tricks means nothing in my book. Those two are nothing but magic hooligans.