Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fred Change

So there is this new magic seller. As always they don't care about making you a better magician, but about getting your money. But I gotta admit the Mystic Factory has a nice look going for it. And by that I mean it looks like all of the other usual suspects.

And one of the first items is the Fred Change by Andrew Csirmaz, a technical variant of a color change by Salvador Sufrate. Needless addition... well actually it's a subtraction. By changing the angle back to the normal mode the method becomes way too apparent. This is a typical case of a step backwards. Not unlike Dirk Losander who took the idea of Tommy Wonder's Floating Birdcage and when back to the ball design.


Csirmaz András said...

Hello Roland!

I've been your reader for a long time, so when I woke up today, and browsed through the blogs I usually read, I found this post.

I see why you think it is a step back, but I have to tell you, that for me, this is a more usable method than the previous ones. I use it and I like it. If you don't like it, that's ok, but I belive, that this is a good addition to your sleights. My spectators never guessed the method, and they always want to see the card that I'm changing into, thinking that it is a gimmicked one. It is a worker for me.

I really hope, you like my other releases better ;)


Roland said...

The problem really is that the visibility of your version is lessened. And that your solution to a none existing problem really doesn't change the effect in a direction that deserves republication.

I just think it is weird.

The Smiling Mule said...

Are you seriously telling me that this dudes only change was to turn the card 90 degrees?

Csirmaz András said...

The Smiling Mule, a bit more than that. :)
Roland, it was a problem to me, that is why I changed it. Those, for whom this (the getready and the cleanup) is not a problem, this is of course no solution. :)

darkstar said...

I'm testing the 360 and 720. It may not sound like much but it's more than it seems. 3.20 for the normal version and 7.20 for the deluxe version.

Tensai said...



For the first time, Tensai approves of this post.

Cerebral Dookie said...

Csirmaz Andras... do you care to address the way you and your company have been conducting yourselves the past few days. You blocked all comments and rating fuctions on your youtube page when people started stating that this was just a rehashing of previous work. you even agreed with the poster who was asking those questions, then over on the magic cafe all of the comments that stated this were removed and the account holders accounts were blocked. Care to address the obvious attempt to cover up an ill received release?

Csirmaz András said...

Dear Cerebral Dookie!

We never intended to cover up anything.
We put out the following disclaimer on YouTube, under the video in question:

"We received many comments, that were not written in an appropriate and acceptable manner, and we decided to close the comment section. You can talk about this effect on the Magic Café in this thread: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=454047&forum=218&a...

We would like to acknowledge the fact, that the trick called Cartier was an inspiration for this effect, however the original publisher of that trick is Salvador Sufrate. He published this way back in 2002 and gave his permission for us to release this trick."

We had to block the comments on YouTube, because a group of people started to flood the video with profanity. We only deleted one comment, which was describing the method. The rest of the comments are still existing, despite the fact, that the comment feature is turned off.

I would like to point out, that we never asked the moderators of the Magic Cafe to remove any comments or to block any users. This was their decision, which we respect.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer.

Thank you!

Tensai said...

We have you now.

That comment that told the method, which you just admitted to deleting for that reason, was describing the method to the Cartier Color Change, almost word for word out of the Genii Magazine.

We have it screen-caped to, so there's no way out of it this time. Ya dun goofed.

Csirmaz András said...

I know what I have up for sale, and it is not the Cartier change. I'm glad though, that you have screenshots of somebody explaining the method for the Cartier change under my YouTube video.

Tensai said...

Dude, the more and more you deny that this isn't the Cartier Change, the more and more you look like a total tool.

"We only deleted one comment, which was describing the method."

We have a screen-shot of said comment, which describes the Cartier.

Oh, and your Cafe Thread seems to have vanished.

Tomsk192 said...

Roland, I came across an hilarious thread on some children's magic site, which felt you were regaining lost ground with this post. (In terms of your credibility...)

Word up.

Tensai said...

I see what you did there Tom :D

But yes, we kiddies feel this was a good call.

Bigglesworth said...

"Children's magic site" haha I appreciate the complement:) Although, unlike the Cafe', we don't ban members using cookies:3 Cookies for kiddies, eh?


Barry Solayme said...



If they are reading Roland's site then why the fucking hell are they behaving like such total pricks?

Check out their photos of TKO, and their exposure of so many other tricks.


With cum dribbling down their adolescent chins, they preach a morally bereft nonsense, full of the bullshit of selfish and unthinking youth.

Blissfully unaware of the irony of even reading this website, let alone presuming to criticize it.

The tiny pea-sized brains are rattling around in those skulls for us all to hear.

Oy vey.


Tensai said...

I'm 12 and what is this? :D

Bigglesworth said...

WOAH there buddy. That's some obscenely vulgar language to use towards minors, don't you think? Calm down. So how did you come across the "photos of TKO" on our site? Hmmm? Maybe you were just curious as to how it was done? Regardless, that thread has since been removed. We're not on here to criticize Roland or his blog. In fact, Roland actually appears to agree with the argument that we laid out on the Cafe. The Cafe is probably the most restrictive forum on the net. If Steve Brooks doesn't like you or your opinion, he simply deletes you. Do you know how many times I've been "banned" from that forum for voicing my opinion? Doesn't matter though. He can't keep us out. And he won't be able to ignore the truth that is consistently knocking at his door. And from the looks of your diary, you don't seem to be a Brooks fan yourself. Why do we reveal effects? Because magic is a business. And a really shitty one at that. I will never, ever perform magic for money. Why? Because I do it for the sole purpose of bringing astonishment to people. Magic companies who choose to use deceptive advertising to make a quick buck deserve to have their lies and tricks exposed. And don't try to mock our intelligence. I'm in college and I'm 15. I'll have a bachelor's degree at an age when you were still stumbling your way through highschool. Our site is filled with extensively intelligent individuals. Doing what we believe to be right does not make our brains "pea-sized." You just sound like an angst-filled grandpa who needs to take a breather. Now if you'll notice, I'm probably a fraction of your age, yet I was able to uphold my end of the argument without degrading you or using any sort of immature language. Grow up. K?;)

Love <3,


Tomsk192 said...

Here's a thought: when you grow up, you may have ideas of your own which you will want to market. Failing that, as a BA, MA or even PhD doesn't for one second guarantee that you will achieve anything commercially, one of your progeny wants to market something. Then imagine a bunch of crass and arrogant teenagers giving away the workings in order to prove.... Well what are you trying to prove? That you are mature? Clever? Likeable? Trustworthy? Or maybe that you are really cool?

Pffft. Prodigies really don't impress me, I was one too.

And by the way, I think you just got reeled in by a comedian, so maybe you are not as bright as you think...

Have you read the blog???

Tensai said...


Have you visited the forum? :P If you had, you would find it's not a big site of 12 year olds sitting around exposing magic. If it was, it would have died off a long time ago.

Lmt is a community, helping other magicians become the best the can be. We share methods with each other because we believe that the advancement of the art should come before the fating of a companies pocket book.
We have a lot of creators themselves come on and even offer to help anyone who doesn't understand the explanation given.

Our policy is simple:
If you like the method, go buy the material to learn the subtle nuances that come with it. This ensures that only the top most quality of work is supported (And weeds out the things above, the 'Fred' change)

And as for the 'reeled in by a comedian' bit:
Since when is giving a graphical description of child pornography and sexual activities funny?

Justin said...

When it's satire.

magicman555 said...

If you guys want to keep thinking that LMT is just a site for 12 year-olds to expose magic you are DEAD wrong. Like it was said before, we are a community of magicians that love the art and believe that magic shouldn't be a way to make a quick buck by ripping people off or by rotating a deck 90 degrees and reselling the effect as "new". If you don't like what we are, then don't go to our site, simple.