Saturday, February 18, 2012

How vague is that?

So there is this Real Secrets thing that makes its round. Monthly tricks will be send to your address. That is a subscription costing 36 dollars per three months if you are from the US and 40 if you are not from the US.

Apparently you get "incredible, innovative, and exciting NEW magic, thinking, and surprises by creators like Gaetan Bloom, Cyril, Michael Weber, Robert Neale, Max Maven, John Kennedy, and an ever-growing team of the best minds in magic. We’ve even included an unpublished Paul Curry effect."

Dude that vague... tell me more. Way more. I'm past the point of paying for something in magic not knowing exactly what I will get.

Steve Brooks is pimping this over at the Magic Café:
I know some of the folks involved with this project and much about what is coming during the next twelve months. Based on that information alone I immediately signed up for 1 year of their Exclusive Platinum membership and would ecourage anyone who is serious about their magic to consider doing the same.
Sounds like he gets a lot of money for this. Your thoughts?


Arthur Poon said...

Seriously, they should keep themselves underground if they want to make things so "underground".

Harry said...

Why does it cost more for a subscription outside the USofA? It's a digital product. Should be the same price!

RD said...

Didn't I get the real secrets from Tom Stone? What I want is the real real real secrets.

Mike said...

The fact that they won't say who is behind it is a tad worrying - if it all goes tits up then someone anonymously just walks away.

Also bearing in mind some of the unutterable crap that is sold nowadays the finances don't stack up. Really for the price of 4 effects you get at least 12 good ones -- I find that hard to believe.

And then theres the bit about not being able to describe effects -- it will be interesting to see just how much they stop people complaining if things aren't right.

Wouldn't touch this with a barge pole.

石榮狼 said...

My thoughts exactly. As far as I'm concerned, this raises every red flag in the book.
Pay before you know what you're buying? Check.
Seller won't even disclose identity? Check.
Pompous yet meaningless title? Check.
Trying to lure you into long-term commitment by promising (equally unidentified) bonus material available to "premium members" only? Check.
Pushing you to make a hasty decision by announcing back issues won't be available (a.k.a. the "once it's gone it's gone" trick)? Check.
Attempts to psychologically bully you into subscribing through the old "men from boys" argument (a.k.a. the "recommended if you're serious about what you do" trick)? Check.

the Minutemen said...

I just can't believe that Weber and Cyril will put their name on that. Unbelievable.

We have people copy lecture notes, video tapes ever since magic is available through magic shop. We have people PTP all of them 5 years ago...

Now in year 2012 we have magic publishing company does not reveal what they are going to sale and yet ask us to pay our hard earn cash.

Where will this end? I thought the situation in Asia is bad, but now its even worse in the States...

Mike said...

The interesting thing for cynical old bastards like me is how much of the pompous assholeiness in their telling you what you can and cannot do sounds suspiciously like Fat Steve himself.?

Surely not ?