Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Being humble and great!

So there is this article over at the magic cafe. Someone asked for the most underrated card men and asked to list some. John Bannon was among the mentions and I would agree. But also statements like "I'm underrated". I humbly beg for your opinion... is it just me, or is humbleness not a positive character trait anymore? Is it considered weakness or what?

This of course extends to advertisement. I cannot believe how many #1 magicians are out there. And I truly believe that most of them doing it, actually believe their tooting of their own horn. To think of oneself as the best thing since sliced bread really is a bad character trait! At least in my humble opinion.

It worries me. From a psychological point of view. So I'm asking you: Do you know a magician, who is very self centered and doesn't take any criticism without fighting like a mad man? Who suffers from a lack of empathy or remorse, false emotions, selfishness, grandiosity or deceptiveness, which results in a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others? If so I suggest you read all about this.

I understand that if you don't advertise yourself nobody else does... Well this is not true. You can pay someone to do this. I can tell when the text of a website is written by the magician himself. And most choose the "third person" to do that. And of course they do. It's much easier to write something good about yourself and not come across as a selfish prick. Try this: change your website's text from third person to first person. If it comes across like you are an egocentric dick, you should change your advertisement.


Anonymous said...

Lorayne comes to mind, lol :D

the Minutemen said...

zenneth kok comes next.