Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So Jeff McBride and Wayne Dobson have released a joint statement.

"We have read both David Penn and Craig Petty’s ‘apologies’ and sadly see that each has chosen to carefully avoid the one situation that made this so serious and morally contemptible. The secret telephone recordings made by David Penn, without Wayne Dobson’s knowledge.
We now know that this is not the first time that David Penn has employed such tactics, as others have come forward and confirmed. That is reprehensible, but to then actually play them to third parties is beyond the pale, as well as being illegal. We also confirm that others have now come forward and told us of similar intimidation and bullying techniques. Wayne’s was not an isolated incident.
We would suggest that avoidance of a mention to this in their apologies shows that they are not heartfelt, but rather a cynical attempt to gain some sympathy.
On the forums at least, this whole sad story is over but we fear that David Penn and Craig Petty’s names and reputations in our fraternity will forever be tarnished by their actions (or lack of).
Wayne Dobson and Jeff Mc Bride – 7th February 2012"

So I guess it is the end of the Wizards Products review. Who will fill the gap and make us laugh? Who will be the one totally misunderstanding magic? Who will praise gimmicky stuff, but shun real workers?

So I guess WPR is WMF. It's demise it a clear indicator both guys are not up to the task. Furthermore, if the accusations of the joint statement of Dobson and McBride are just the light upon both of them dims itself even more. Let's leave them in the shadows.

I already miss Blammo. You will be dearly missed.

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Mr Straightman said...

I created some promotional materials for Penn back in the early nineties and even back then he came across as a dick.