Monday, February 20, 2012


There are a few things in life that are for free. Taxes, trouble and a never ending supply of people who fail in almost every facet of life.

My initial post about this man was all about the many things he called himself on his website... No let's add another. Identity thief.

May I humbly direct your gaze to this blog: Bob Cassidy Mentalism. The author is CENSORED. We are dealing with a case of implied identity theft. It seems like it is all about Bob Cassidy. No not really.  CENSORED  is riding the coattail of Bob Cassidy to sell his stuff. The blog posts on the blog are nothing but SEO texts, which means they are optimized to get lots of hits via Google search. So the name of  CENSORED gets connected to Bob Cassidy. So when people look for Bob Cassidy instead  CENSORED comes crawling up.

This is not a good way to make a business. It may be effective, but not good. I'm pretty sure that Bob Cassidy has not given his permission to have his names used in such an exploitative way.  CENSORED tries to sell his book entitled: " CENSORED "


I bet none of the stuff in there is by  CENSORED , nor has he done any work to make it his own. This needs to be known. This is the sort of behavior that harms our beloved magic. Do "these people" feel attracted to magic or does magic turn them into "these people"? I really want to know. There are base motifs for almost all that we are doing and every act of charity can be interpreted as some sort of selfish atrocity. But going all the way out, stealing (though it is implied) someones identity is really, really low. That is why  CENSORED  is WMF again. He cannot stop failing. And that's free.


darkstar said...

James to me is a good role model for everything desperate, while oddly preaching "dont do this, don't do that".

The good news is I feel the majority wash... not just James but the types like him down the "mental sewer" (Pun intended). How one can not read his bio for instance at Amazon and not feel as if something has gone sideways.

I could go on and on, but the main idea I think is for one who seems to consider himself a role model, many of us do so in his honor...a role mode of what not to be. Few enjoy needy people with a saint complex. "I'm way better than you and I love everyone.... and am every mans man..I do everything I do for people because I'm better. Piracy is for assholes, unless I do it my way. Listen to me for I am the light.

darkstar said...

As a side note he STILL posts what is online to grab in torrent form.

I think his intelligence level is rather low as to commit a logic fallacy in debate world. It's just another example of waving one flag while giving to the "supposed enemy". Derp!

clevernamehere said...

From darkstars comment it sounds like James Clark. Is it?

(the blog link is now going to a narcotics anonymous page)

darkstar said...

I can't remember. I was on narcotics and had to go to some anonymous place. The assult was rough being I'm an expert self defence and got my PHD in first aid. I add that last sentence because I want everyone to know my background. People talk big behind computers and I'm just saying that shit needs to stop because I know ethics.

clevernamehere said...

Gotcha. I presume Clark has threatened wmf with lawsuits? I understand he likes to do that - while daring people to criticize him out of the other side of his mouth.

darkstar said...

Noooo. Roland I think is just trying to keep things up to date. "Someone" made a web site with "someone" else's name. It was bat shit crazy. It Sort of promoted X, and also said he didn't like X.

Anyway. No one can make assumptions, and being the site went down Roland is just doing the right thing by putting up the "technical difficulty" on this one for now.

clevernamehere said...

Actually when one goes to the it is now being redirected to the narcotics anonymous page. So whomever put up that site (which I am assuming is James Clark) is being a bit of an arsehole. It would rather be like buying and linking to a support group for megolomaniacs.

Tomsk192 said...

That psychopath, James L. Clark?

He is a sad little man, who will be jumping up and down because you can't launch a law suit at someone on the internet saying he is a complete and utter wanker on a comments page.

I mean, that complete fucking tit, he really needs to get inside a psych ward, sharpish. The word mentalist, as applied where I live, describes the guy perfectly.

What a total knob.

Subjective internet comments, eh, James?

darkstar said...

Very true. Over the years I think that's been my bottom line opinion of mentally ill. He comes across os one of those very hard cases that would never accept he's anything but "super awesome" while the external world sees something very different, at least annoying, at most disturbing.

darkstar said...

If I may give some humble advice. Try not to rate others...this is difficult to get use to.

The real kicker is to stop rating yourself. Being skilled at something does not make one a better person. Being shit at something doesn't make one a bad person. I tend to think James is under the delusion he'ss great at everything, and his ideas are bond as near rules.

No one can rally judge who is and who isn't a better person. It's all a facade (ike magic awards) we all change day by day...some on target and some in the shit.

Anyway....sorry to sound preachy. I just find it helpful to learn from people I dislike.

darkstar said...