Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lol, lmao

I get emails a lot. Most of them are nice, very few tell me what "fucking, pissed off asshole" I am. But getting emails from former failures is always a special thing. Often they threaten me with legal actions.

So if you are a failure, or think you might become some in the near future:

You are not immune to criticism and/or ridicule. If you push yourself into the spotlight that is. If you go nuts on the Internet or are otherwise active in public it means you are open to criticism. (like an actor or an author)

I could go out and call you a "fucking, pissed off asshole" and it would be OK for me to do so, "Right to free speech" is for everyone, including me. So be happy that most of my rants are rather constructive.

Just sayin'

Also, take it with a gain of salt... According to many, I am just a bitter, lonely guy, typing away in my underwear from the basement of my mother's house.

So how serious are you taking that?


Kevin Chou said...

That's the problem with most magicians. They're all so up in arms about how cool they are, they can't see themselves doing any wrong, at all. It's so tragic. The Cafe is ripe with people like that. I just don't get it.

To quote the humble but talented magician Oz Pearlman, "The moment you think you are too good to learn more, is when your magic suffers."

If only more magicians realized that...

ablanathanalba said...

The validity of what you are saying is too painful for them, and pain leads to anger. The number of videos that get removed after you draw attention to them is the proof of this validity, and the best indicator of who the true a-holes are.