Monday, November 15, 2010

Arcane Gaff Deck Out Now


Gaffs are unseen playing cards that let you manipulate truth.

You will move ink, reshape matter, pierce thoughts, dominate minds, camouflage reality... and trash ALL RULES.

A new era of gaffed card magic has come into view. It takes over where UltraGaff left off.

I got more for the creative minds of the Ellusionist advertisement department.

"Those cards let you warp time and space, open portals to new realities, make you conquer new dominions and will make you ruler of all existing things. Also you will have a little sleeping pet mouse named Malvin. The mouse is dreaming all the matter in the known universe. Shush! Don't wake Malvin..."

I wondered why Ellusionist didn't go for their core demographic.

"Those cards will get you laid."

Well at least they got Greg. He's cool. And I guess he needed money. Order situation ain't that good... with bad economics and all.


ablanathanalba said...

Another gaff deck? How many is that now?

Trickster said...