Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey Bizzaro, Wow, Woof Woof

Bizzaro did a nice rant today. Here are my two cents.

There is this notion among magic dealers that they can only sell a product via demo video if it fools the magician watching the demo video. And sadly they are right. Dealers are in the business to make money. They are not in the business to create wonderful magic, but to sell any crap. And if there is a cheap way to create a seemingly impossible to reconstruct effect with simple video editing or downright lies, they will do it.

Who is to blame? The dealers for wanting to make money? The magicians who try to save money by not buying, but simply taking the magic items?

I think neither. There simply is so damn much demand for good magic and there isn't enough out there that covers the main categories of interest.

Those are: Easy, visual, self working, cool, cheap, nobody else does it, and impossible to figure out. Each trick that fits all of those categories is a unique gem. And there simply aren't that much gems out there. So naturally fake gems are made.

Understanding to get rid of the desire to have a gem that covers every category will help. If you get rid of easy and self working will grant you much more access.

And even more into magic you will understand, that even visual is not a "must have requirement"

And when you get to the very end you will add another category, the one that has been missing the whole time. "magical"

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