Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wanna Know the Meaning of Smug

Derren Brown and Nicolai Friedrich would be proud. I guess this is not copy, but a tribute.


Richard said...

After watching this, I really didn't believe it was honest-to-god real, so I did some google searching and yep, 100%. Why did I doubt you my friend! :)

Reading from his Bio page:

"It was perhaps destiny that Lawrence Gregory became a man of mystery. He was born in Grace Hospital, where the Great Mystfier, Harry Houdini died in 1926. He states, "My first escape was from my mothers womb".

I laughed, he could have only made it more dramatic by saying that he was born in the same room 401 and was born 1:26pm!!

Harry said...

I think he sounds more like Peter Reveen.

Abla said...

If you Google him the link to his web page reads, "Lawrence Gregory is the world's foremost." Period.

Laurence said...

Wow, that was pretty smug alright. It's what I imagine Rimmer from Red Dwarf being like if he was a mentalist :)