Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kinda Nice Read

Many hecklers, though certainly not all, are created as a result of the performer coming out and immediately letting his ego run rampant, challenging the audience, and the “heckler” is the one who eventually stands up for his own rights and accepts the challenge. The image of a strange ape swinging into a colony of apes and challenging one of them to come forward comes to mind. Both the challenger, and the one who accepts the challenge, slamming their fists against their chest and making a lot of noise while the rest of the spectators immediately take sides.

Jay Sankey

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Jay Sankey is an interesting fellow. No doubt he is creative. No doubt he rehashes his own material over and over again. He has golden and crappy moments. But most of the time he seems to have a flying shuttle pass moment.

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ablanathanalba said...

Rehashes aside, he actually appears to be literate! That counts for something these days too.