Saturday, November 27, 2010

WMF Zenneth Kok

When is a rip off a rip off? Does it need to be 100% identical? If so, using a Hindu shuffle instead of the riffle force would not make it a rip off anymore right?

John Bannon created a nice little card trick called "Strangers Gallery"! Here is a half decent performance:

And now take a look at an effect called Change is Eternal by Zenneth Kok a magician from Hong Kong:

No different right....? Well naming it differently for YouTube reasons I can see. That way the inevitable explanation by some shithead is not listed along side the video. But Zenneth Kok sells this to magicians as his own creation. No mention of John Bannon. Why not, didn't John Bannon have a major influence on this one? Just saying!


Stijn Hommes said...

Well, he did add some touches of his own, but the patter needs a lot of work. When he turns over the second prediction, it's blatantly clear what he's really doing -- at least to me.

He should at least make mention of Bannon if he sells this.

Kevin Chou said...

Kinda depressing, he's a good magician, so for him to take from Bannon without crediting makes me sad. Alas!

Zenneth said...

John Bannon and Stranger's Gallery have been credited both in the instructional booklet and DVD, dude, did you even see the actual product before writing this?