Thursday, September 30, 2010

WMF Andrew Mayne again

Andrew, I took you off the list, because you got better. What is this shit?

When I saw this a little bit of me died. Andrew, I watch you on iTricks and what you say is so much the opposite of what you do. This is a crap product yet you market this. This should go against what you said a while ago, when you advised someone to make sure the product is good before you market this.

Am I too dumb to see that this balloon thing is actually convinces the audience? Have I lost my commercial sense? Am I unable to see that there is genius in your monstrous creations? If so, please tell me.

This Inversion stuff is that sort of idea I publish on my free magic blog, because I would know that it is a half backed idea and that maybe someone else can finish this up. Asking for money for this shit is an insult to the magic community.

The fact that you are making money with this is a sad statement about our art and your skill as a magic dealer to exploit idiots who will think that this is good. Sadly they will praise you and do the advertisement for you, making sure that a whole bunch of people who rightfully dismissed the item will buy it.

I feel it is my duty to say the following: Don't buy this product! You might be dumb enough to be fooled by this. The majority of your audience will not.

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