Thursday, September 23, 2010

WMF Erik von Markovic aka Mystery

9-year-old Canadian pickup artist Mystery is this week's failure. He one of the bigger guys in the seduction community. Some claim the biggest. (even has a patent out) But he also know for using magic to break the ice, to make women sleep with him.

So again magic is misused for reasons that are below what magic strives to be.

The sad bit about it: It actually works. Magic is a great ice breaker and instantly establishes you as an interesting person. But that should be it. If the whole aim of your magic is to get laid you should not do magic. There are other ways to achieve that goal. Stay away from magic, unless you respect magic and your audience.

Markovic is a typical case of "borrowing" from the magic world without giving anything. In biology there is a term for exactly that sort of habit. Markovic is a parasite. He actually makes money by teaching his method to others. Granted magic is only a small part of it, but it's in there. And he is teaching others that learning a few magic tricks is a good way to pick up women. He is teaching a whole generation that magic's purpose is to get laid.

Hurray for Mystery, Hurray for butchering the image of magic.


Nick said...

I suppose singing a song, writing a poem, dancing, drawing a picture, or a getting plate of fine food to pick up a woman is equally wrong. Since all of them are borrowing from an art for the purpose of picking up a woman- thus they are all equally as insulting and terrible as using some magical effects.

Maybe vocalists should also rant. 'Stay away from music, unless you respect music and your audience' to the guys that sing a love song at the bar to impress ladies.

You should stick to magicians when you rant. Wasting your time denouncing this guy makes him seem bigger than he is- which is a nobody hack. This guy does not rate good enough to be included with ellusionist, theory 11, criss angel, and the like.

Unless you can say that you have never done any of the things I mentioned above to impress the opposite sex then you have absolutely no room to talk whatsoever.

Then that is just my two cents.

Morphius said...

If Markovik was a parasite, so were you! He (Mystery) do magic because he loves the craft. He performs magic because he wants to share the mystery of it; not to get girls to laid. If you mean that Mystery doesn't understand the essence of magic, well - you also doesn't understand the essence of pick-up.

You said that magic works with Markovik.. of course it will work because he's a magician. And he did even worked with Criss Angel!!!

Anonymous said...

Who are you to dictate a bunch of rules about how I can have fun with my hobby?

"Stay away from magic, unless you respect magic and your audience."

You act like you patented magic and have a right to run everyone's lives lol

Sandy Ego said...

Fellow man, use all your tools to impress the girls. I too perform magic and yes it has gotten me laid. My magic endeavor started at age 8, well before we liked girls.. back when they were yucky. I agree, I know guys who bust out the guitar and it gets them laid. Girls love to be entertained by men don't hate the player, hate the game. Carry on.