Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Aura

Hey, wanna know something cool? Something that makes exposure of magic bearable? Something that helps you to feel good about spectators who know something about magic?
Sure you do!

Well here it is: We magicians have an aura of mystery. To the common layperson a magician is not only a loser who does cheap card tricks. He also is a guy who is in the know about certain magic secrets. Sure a layperson could look up the secrets on the Internet, but he will think that there has to be more to it, as the secrets exposed on the Internet are "cheap". There obviously is some secret knowledge that only "real" magicians have access to and not those who experience a fleeting interest in the topic.

Now, knowing that is interesting, because it enables you to get away with bold methods. If you make a ball appear and disappear and you make it obvious that dexterity is the cause of the effect you will get credit to be a "real" magician. (as opposed to uncle Bob, who does self working card tricks) Ergo people assume you are in the know about the real magic secrets. So naturally you don't have to fall back to the "cheap" tricks that are on the Internet.

So getting rid of that ball by tossing it behind a chair might be a bold method, but it works as long as your audience has bought the fact that you don't have to fall back to such cheap tricks.

So you can relax now, all is well. Exposure is no harm to "real" magicians and spectators who are "in the know" are no problem, as they don't believe you would go that low. If they only knew!

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Street Saint said...

I've found that fear and mystery are the best ways to convince people that you are supernatural. If people think you are more than what you seem, than it's easy to get away with cheap tricks.

This is why I love ninjas so much! I have enough people convinced that I am a ninja, so even when things happen completely by chance, they attribute it to some secret ninja power I posses. It's wonderful! :D