Friday, October 1, 2010

Drugs Are Bad MMM Kay?

Taking drugs is cool. It let's you see things differently. Granted most of what you see differently is crap and makes no sense once you get out of the delusion, but during the trip it is cool and the most wise thing ever.

I don't say take drugs, but what I am saying is, drug your audience! Have you ever seen a magic act with LSD in your body? It's one hell of a magicial experience.

And when you apply the drug in the drinking water, that you kindly offer your audience, they won't even know what hit them. They can't stay addicted, as they are unaware what caused their temporary loss of sanity and they sure have one hell of an experience.

Is it legal?... well, it depends what drug you use. Frankincense is what the church uses. And it works great. Find a legal drug and you are fine. But don't tell anyone about this awesome idea.