Wednesday, September 1, 2010


No failure this week... have fun!

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Magic Unlimited said...

Roland, I know English is not your first language, so I thought I'd clear up the definition of 'Vaunt' for you, and give you some examples:

aunt [vɔːnt]
1. (tr) to describe, praise, or display (one's success, possessions, etc.) boastfully
2. (intr) Rare or literary to use boastful language; brag

"As per those two Lone Wolf nights. My booth was basically a “take a number” and have a seat. Near every “hot girl” sat down across, talked a bit, then when the seat was empty another took her place. Not so Lone Wolf after all. My only rule was not to say anything about myself that came across as validation or attention getting. Just pure interest in whomever sat on the other side.

I spent near nothing on drinks, got invited to an orgy, a Bon Fire party Friday, but most importantly “mystique”.

In the end our magic can be symbolic on the same level. It’s all about someone else, but don’t be foolish, it all comes back to you in the end, trying less, flowing down river. Hell, perhaps even an orgy."

"I forgot to add an amusing ending. Little Miss “Your so beautiful”, sat in the corner of my booth after a few women left. She sat with her back facing me. I’m not that fucking stupid. There is a whole bar here Missy. Think I sparked up a conversation with her? Fuck no. She was waiting and I didn’t validate her attention whoring she was getting all night. After just enough time passed I went out and had a smoke, ignoring her showy ass and constant validation seeking.

Y’all can bet what will happen if we meet again. Mostly for the simple matter I was probably the only guy that night (shit who knows, perhaps in months or years) that wouldn’t give her the sweat from my balls. Insecure bitch. Sorry Luv, I’m practicing what I preach, and will not try to sell myself like all the others for your skin deep beauty. Stop validating these bitches, and it drives them crazy. In reality though women like her are quite ugly in my mind. I’m talking less of “tactic”, and more of just being myself."

"For instance a month or two ago I did an effect or two for a lady sitting next to me, and could smell her “secretions” if you will. Why don’t people in magic land share this stuff?"

"Nothing exciting to report, other than something amusing last night. Some girl was trying to be cryptic in casual conversation while her boyfriend was near by. Funny shit. She would start a sentence and in the middle say “I really want to fuck you”. Did I hear that right? Then she’d do it again. That’s a new one.

“How are you (I really want to fuck you) doing?”. Imagine a guy trying that shit. Of course it depends on the other, but that seems a fair way to get kicked in the nuts or in jail."

"40 dollars for a new IPad 100 percent legit, not hot. Free drinks at the club for my simple presence. A nice honey dance to the new Kanye free track, knowing the big names are working it out just as I preach. Book loan from my boy of his favorite book. My man up to the top in the poker tournament making some quad digits with a few of tips from my humble self.

I thought I was the asshole. I guess it’s rubbing off."