Friday, September 10, 2010

Wanna know why certain performers seems so shallow? Simply because they are. If you ask them why they do magic you'll get answers like: "Because I want to enchant them, make them forget the troubles and the suffering of the world for a few minutes."
And while there is nothing wrong with this statement I wonder if those performers know about the suffering of the world from anything else but TV. Also I wonder if they really care about the suffering in the world, or just their way of exploiting it.

Take Hans Klok for example. A dutch magician who seems to love magic. All he does is magic. A magic show here, a magic show there... it seems like there is nothing else he can do.

And that is true most often with those kind of performers. They know nothing except their magic. They cannot do anything proper except their magic. They have no other field of interest but their magic.

A good magician in my not so humble opinion needs to be more than a magician. The audience has to be aware that there is a much deeper personality behind the mask of a magician. And if you really do have other interests but magic, if you really are knowledgeable and if you really care about the suffering in the world, it will show.

Because if your interests are nothing but magic people will be aware of it. And if you pretend to have higher aims, like "making people forget the suffering for a few minutes" you will seem pretentious and fake.

Most people don't like that.

And being pretentious and shallow looks pathetic.

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