Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WMF Castlemaynia, Castlemaynia, Castlemaynyeah

Unless I am completely missing the genius of this I think that this is trash.

The item in question: Castlemaynia. By the one and only Andrew Mayne. The point of a card castle is not to look like a glued up piece of junk, but rather like a fragile construction. So the impossibility (magic) is, that it cannot be done that quickly. 

Mayne seems to be proud of this item, as his website shows (second from the bottom). Why?

I do not know, but I feel that this guy is kind of erratic with his quality output, that it leaves me wondering.

I am not saying Mayne is a bad magician, but he sure puts out bad magic for sale, making him this Week's Magic Failure.


Elliot said...

I do agree that this "castle" is big crap. For me, the biggest crap I have everseen... There is alot of bad magic out there with trailers that make it look very very good, but the production even sucks in the trailer!

Mayne has some ok stuff, but this is a bad carreer move as Copperfield would say.

Roland said...

This is nothing, have you seen how Bill Abbott markets his magic. I really like his magic and I think he is a good magician, but they way he sells his products... oh boy, do not get me started. But he will be next WMF. Towards Mayne. It is hilarious that he is proud of this "baby". If I had released it (probably because I would need the money) I would never mention it again. (At least not on my website). Even George Lucas made his "Star Wars Holiday Special" disappear.


Mayne should do the same with Castlemaynia

Andrew Mayne said...

Ouch. It sells like crazy in Japan. But so does tentacle porn. I'll let you sort that one out.

Stijn Hommes said...

That's nothing. This is just one questionable effect for which he clearly has a market. His other stuff is far from bad. I've seen magicians consistently put out back stuff, so they deserve to be WMF a lot more.