Sunday, February 28, 2010

WMF Theory11

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And now we talk about Theory11. Theory11 is a magic dealer that advertises as the "underground magic" place. Even if there was underground magic, Theory11 would be as far from it as possible. I remember the launch of the website. It was hyped weeks ahead. And it turned out to be just another magic dealer.

The target audience for Theory11 are under aged magicians who cannot tell a bullshit magic item from actual practical magic item. Theory11 suggests that magic makes you cool. They suggest that performing the tricks they sell will make you cool. Well if somebody is in such a desperate need to be cool he obviously is not cool to begin with.

So Theory11 is selling a lie. Because it is not the magic tricks that make you cool. It is the performer who needs to make magic cool. But most of the performers are under aged nerds who are trapped in a delusion. What those kids need is not a cool deck of cards or a crazy card change that is not angle proof at all, but real social skills.

And yes, social skills can be learnt through magic, but I doubt that this is the right way. When I was in school I did no magic at all. But I had a class mate who did. He thought he was cool, but he was not. And there was no Theory11 during those times. I imagine if there would have been a Theory11 he would have jumped on that hype waggon and would have become a social outcast like the most of us.

So I am saying that Theory11 hurts magic and the perceptions of and about magicians. That is why Theory11 is Weekly Magic Failure.


Nick said...

Wait, you've heard of Theory 11? Damnit, I thought theory 11 was a secret just I and a few other people knew about.

Cursed said...

For a second I thought you actually saw something good in those guys.

Andrew said...

Someone in the Theory 11 forums helped me get over my fear of contacting a real magic club for membership. That was one of the best things to happen to me.

I don't really go back to that site any more.

wayne said...
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William said...

I think your post is certainly your opinion, But I think it's a poorly researched one.

T11 forums has a thriving community that's heart is seriously dedicated to advancing magic as an art form, and bettering ones performances.

Yes there are a lot of young magicians around, but that's what will keep this industry going. Fresh blood. Don't be so spiteful.

Roland said...

@Andrew and William

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying the Forum of Theory11 is a bad thing, because, the Forum is NOT Theory11. The Forum consists of people not involved in the unhealty business model that is Theory11.

Kent said...


I think you're dead fucking wrong on this one. Dead Marlo wrong.

Is their hype on their site, yes. They're selling products.

Liwag's Coin One is a thing of beauty. No aspiring coin magic wannabe would be better off with any other video. NONE

I'm no card flourishy guy, but I've got The Trilogy. It was well produced and has some beautiful flourishes and card magic on it.

They sell quality stuff. I buy way more books than videos, but videos have a place in magic. Most kids prefer their magic served up as video. These guys are meeting a market demand.

I've seen your stuff on video. I've seen about half the guys of the Theory 11 crew live. Compared to them you and I aren't good enough to be their Weekly Magic Failure.

I think your assessment of them is injudicious. You don't speak to the product they sell. I doubt you've even seen the products they sell.

Usually I'm a fan of yours. On this call I am seriously considering calling Roland and nominating you for a WMF.



Ultimagic said...

I HAVE seen the products they sell. Hell I've even bought a few of them to play around with. But this article is dead nut on. With Theory 11 associating itself with the flavor of the week all the time (Dan Madison as a prime example. Where has this loser gone?) and constantly trying to push stuff to kids who don't know any better, They are in my top 5 worst sites. Right up there with E.