Friday, February 26, 2010

There is no Elite

Just to clear up some things:

There is no elite in the magic community, there is no hidden organisation that keeps secrets. Everything has been done before. Everything that is sold as NEW, is actually old, or at least based on old principles. Whenever something is revealed for the FIRST time you can be pretty sure that it is not. Don't dismiss old lecture notes that are actually typed on paper. Don't fall for any hype... Learn to wait. It will save you money.


Cursed said...

You know that saddest part of it?
The people who actually should read and understand this text won't do it.

Kolisar said...

While I would not be so quick to disregard everything that has been released recently, there is some truth in the fact that many "NEW" effects are actually just variations (often so slight that the difference is imperceivable) of old, existing, published effects. In the defense of some of the current crop of effects, occasionally there is an interesting use of an old idea that deserves to be released.

But, to agree with Roland's closing line, I would suggest that if you are looking for "new" material, re-read some of the books you have sitting on your shelves. There should be at least a few effects that you may have passed on when you first purchased the book that will be more appealing now that you have more experience in magic.