Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is not really a rant about magic, but about how often the word "magic" is used out of context. Often a detergent cleans magically or a drink is magical. I know that we tricksters do not have the exclusive right to use that word, but hell I wish it would be so. Imagine a world in which something is "like magic" and people actually think of magicians instead of some toy for children, a delicious snack or a fruity perfume.

But I guess it is mostly our fault, that we are not thought of when the word "magic" is uttered. Whenever "magician" is used the famous "Uncle Bob" who did card tricks comes to mind. And that is a sad truth.

Whenever I do a magic show I have to fight that image. Fortunately it takes one trick to do that. But I always get that first look, whenever I am announced as the magician. And after I have done that first trick I get a look of relief. And that tells me that their expectations were really, really low. How come?

Well I usually ask my audience, if they have ever seen a magician doing tricks for them. And usually it was a bad magician. (Who unsurprisingly make up the majority of magicdom)

That is why magicians do not come to mind whenever the word "magic" is used. Instead a layperson thinks of Pen and Paper RPG's, books, movies, technology and Magic Cleaner.

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