Saturday, February 6, 2010

WMF The Magic Video Depot

It is kind of weird to consider a website a magic failure, but in the case of the Magic Video Depot I am willing to make that bold step forward. Five years ago I uploaded a cups and balls video that I did to that website.

It was new at that time, it was exiting. Many magicians saw others perform. It was a cool place to be. As cool as the Internet gets that is.

Anyway within the next few years I added more than 60 videos. Most of it being non card material. I met a whole bunch of magic friends there. And it was cool.

I even met a few of those people in real life. And that was cool too.

On the 6th of February 2008, exactly 2 years ago I uploaded my last video:

Until then I was an active member of the community there.

But then something weird happened. Almost all the good magicians left. Had their videos deleted and never went back. What happened?

Well the majority of the people who submitted stuff were teenagers and the videos were horrific. The Magic Video Depot had no quality control. And among all the shitty videos it was hard to find the good ones. That, and lots of flame wars marked the decline of the Magic Video Depot.

So it is kind of sad what this place had become. The forum was virtually dead with one post every two months or so (unanswered of course), the community was dead.

So why does this place still exist? YouTube has become a much bigger bragging field for the young magicians! I do not know. But I am sad what the Magic Video Depot has become.

So check this place out! It was cool once. And if you manage to look beyond the card stuff you actually find a gem or two in there.

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Laurence said...

MVD forums used to be the place to hang out. So many great guys there.


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