Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't get me wrong!

A few days ago I made this post. It might appear that I am against this kind of rehash. Well not really. I just think that proper credit should be given to the ones that originated the effect.

In case of the Mismade Bill, P. Howard Lyons apparently devised the effect in 1956, which later was adopted by Harry Anderson who created a wonderful "Torn and Restored Bill"-plot, which you find in the book Wise Guy, called Inside Out Bill. The New York Magic Project (NYMP for short <----- lol) sells THEIR handling of their effect. So in terms of effect you won't get anything new. And in my opinion that is what counts, but if you look for yet another way to switch bills with the TT (Kozlowski should do fine) this might be for you.

I am not saying don't get that DVD (hey, a Mismade Bill comes with it) but I am saying do get "Wise Guy" and to quote myself "it's fucking good."

Btw: The Mismade Bill is an awesome plot, as the magic is not over in a second, but can be absorbed. Just like that pencil through the quarter, a floating cigarette and lightbulb that emits light without anything touching it.

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