Friday, February 12, 2010

How Is This New?

Four Quarters Official Preview from NYMagicProject on Vimeo.

Harry Anderson did that years ago...

Buy that book, it's fucking good.


mreed said...

People bitch about Magic Makers putting out copies, but no one seems to give a fuck about this kinda rip off junk. People putting out videos of rehashed material and changing a few vocabulary words and calling it hot new material. Thats bullshit and the magic community is full of hypocrites that call Rob Stiff a con man, yet embrace crap like this. What it comes down to is ripping off shit is ok, as long as you are one of the good ole boys...

Kolisar said...

I believe that the apathy that some feel towards companies releasing copies of existing effects is similar to the apathy many people seem to feel with the re-making of movies or new singers releasing covers of classic songs. A large percentage of the current magic-buying public are young, and did not experience the effects when originally released and may not be aware that the "new" effect they just purchased it older than they are.

Kevin said...

I produced this DVD, and I can say that it is not a re-hash or ripoff in any way. At least, not any more than any of the other handlings for the bill switch that have been released in the last several decades. Whether Lovick's Switch book, countless DVDs, etc, plenty of people have released their own version of a classic plot.

Just as there are plenty of people who've released their take on the Ambitious card or the Anniversary Waltz, there are plenty who have released their own take on the bill switch and/or mismade bill.

We are not claiming to have created the idea of a mismade bill presentation. Heck no. The mismade concept has been around for over 50 years.

What this DVD offers is Magick's particular handling and folding sequence for the switch, and his unique presentation.

I'm all for people expressing their opinion, but would also appreciate that people actually watch the material before passing judgement on whether or not something is a ripoff.

Something totally new plot-wise? Not really. A rehash or ripoff? No. One individual's take on a plot/effect that's been explored by many? Yup.

Kevin Reylek