Sunday, February 21, 2010

WMF Jim Callahan

Remember this one?

Criss Angel vs Jim Callahan - MyVideo

This first time I saw that I couldn't stop laughing. I thought this must have been staged... because after all, Jim Callahan is just a regular mentalist, doing tricks and all of that, right? No, I was wrong. Turns out Jim Callerhan actually is the real thing. He is a Paranormalist. Don't know what that means... check this out. In that link he says:
Note: I am also a Master Magician and because of that I draw a strong distinction between my work as a Paranormalist and a Magician.

Wow, if this is true it means that Jim Callahan actually doesn't use tricks, although he would know how to use them...

so far it sound like a bio of any regular bullshit mentalist. But I think he actually believes he has the "power". in 2005 he actually tried to get that one million dollar from the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

JERF wrote:

Go to [] and see how desperate this “Callahan” guy is about the JREF prize. He writes: “It is my sincere intent to make $1,000,000.00 off of [sic] James Randi and his foundation.” As expected, he tries to rewrite the rules and protocol to suit his carnival approach. Won’t work, Jim. “Sincere” or not, apply like anyone else, or go away. We’re not playing showbiz games here; we’re serious.

Callahan expresses his belief in the efficacy of numerology and “card reading.” He runs on about those other guys who are fakers – but not him, of course. Well, we got your number, Callahan, and we’re eagerly awaiting your threatened “sincere intent” to win the million.

well Jim Callahan is either a human being with serious delusions or smarter than the rest of us. In any way he is a failure from a magic point of view.


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What about Jim Callahan? Has he disappeared?? I googled him but there are no news about him. Is still alive or what?