Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper

If you ever wondered if the man running this blog (that's me) has any weak side here it is: I am afraid of dogs. Big, black dogs to be more accurate. I was walking down the snowy streets today and one of those dogs was walking towards me. The owner of that dog was about 40 meters behind that dog. Of course no leash and unmuzzled. I did what I do best in such situations, cross the street through a giant heap of snow, instead of curling up into fetus position, breathing heavily.

Anyway, I have learnt to live with the disrespect of the dogs owners that people like me could actually be. In fact if I tell such a dog owner of my problem they completely dismiss the whole thing by saying: "My dog is harmless". Even worse some try to "heal" me of my phobia by calling the dog letting it very close to me. In such cases I actually do curl up into fetus position and breath heavily.

Those people seem not to understand how a phobia works. I know that the dog is harmless, I know that he won't bite me. But if this dog is close to me I do not know those things anymore. In fact I cannot even think at all. And because I cannot think, I cannot be unafraid.

Now I might be a rare case hear. But lots of people are afraid of spiders. And yet there is this magic trick out there by Jim Pace called "The Web"

A fake spider is loaded under the spectators hand. This is a nightmare scenario with people with Arachnophobia. And most magicians, just like dog owners are unaware of that fact. They even call it a killer reaction.

A person with a specific phobia tries to stay away from situations where that phobia might be triggered. Some avoid heights, some small spaces, some insects and some like me stay away from dogs. How can one prepare for "The Web"? Well there is no way, that would spoil the effect. So do not do it.

Otherwise a Wiccaphobia might be the result.


Cursed said...

Phobia against spider?
Yep me.

I'd hate the magician who does this for me. Infact I'd prolly would punch him out of shock. Or I'd simply fall into coma.

Mike said...

I bought this trick and then on reflection thought "actually its more crual and smart ass than magic" - the cards bit is so naff and inconsequential its hardly worth discussing. So in the bin it went.

Incidentally, on the dogs front, I can't say I have a phobia but I would be a bit nervous of an unescorted big dangerious dog. So it was less than amusing when I was out walking in the fog a few nights ago to have these periodic loud barks in the fog around me.

For years I've watched the Hound of the Baskervilles as an adventure without any of the sense of horror the story is supposed to engender. It becomes a whole bloody different story though when your living the concept. Fog and very loud barking dogs do not mix !!!