Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WMF Brian Brushwood

When did Brian Brushwood become a greedy lying thief?

He came out with a book test. Every single element is clearly lifted from other mentalist's work and Brushwood claims it as his own. If he sells every copy as intended he will make roughly 600,000 dollars. Also, when has it become "the right thing" to openly claim that book test are gimmicked and that you cannot use any book? The main audience of Brushwood are laypeople. He is doing a huge disservice to both sides of the spectrum. Thank you!

Remember when he exposed the Invisible Deck? Hey, Brian, have you run out of ideas? How about a consultant. A capable one!


Timbo said...

I can not speak to the fact whether the book test is stolen or not, I don't do mentalism effects. The show he did on the invisible deck did rub me the wrong way though. What a pity, I always thought he was very entertaining, both in his magic and non-magic related shows...

ken hayden said...

I knew this guy was eventually going to be a weekly magic failure. That invisible deck thing irked me a bit as well.