Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gee it brings my piss to a boil!

Alright... When have I become so insanely stupid not to appreciate all of the following.

I log in to the Green Monster. Another spam message by Brooks. Hi friends over at Enigma have come out with a new deck of cards. Suddenly it's deja vu all over again.

First of all. Steve Brooks! Business partners that pay you money to advertise are NOT your Friends. Not even Facebook friends.

Secondly: Another fucking deck of cards? Seriously! So this better be different.

So I follow the link. "Moonshine Playing Cards" I watch the video. Just a guy doing the same fucking flourishes we have seen so many times. When will there be a new kind of card advertisement strategy?

(On a side note. Ellusionist came out with a deck that is advertised by Daniel Madison. In the video he trashes a Hotel room. Yeah send out the message brother. This "Weltschmerz"-thing is tearing you apart. I do understand the deep symbolism and the intended existential nihilism. The philosophers of days long past have overcome this problem. You don't!)

Is there anything new about those "Moonshine" cards? Nope! Just a new back design and a different Ace of Spades and a different Joker.

Collectors assemble!

When will the vanity thing end!

Btw. Our favourite Magic Fakers have come out with a unique deck too. They are a thing of beauty:


NathanaelBergenMagic said...

Novelty playing cards are just a way for the magic companies to legally print money.

I'm aware that's a rather bold statement - but if you think about it, it's not too far off.

Really, no matter the design, as long as you say it's "limited" or "first edition" you can sell as many as you want for however much you want.

............. and don't forget that a year later you can re-release them as a 'secret stock no one knew about' with an inappropriately high price tag, despite originally promising, "When they're sold out, they're sold out."

No thanks. I'll stick with my bikes and studs.

Magnus Asbjorn said...

Personally I'm a fan of the vanity decks, I like having the options, and audiences like them. I won't go so far as the guy that does magic friday and say I'll only use vanity decks but I do prefer them. What I can't stand is the limited deck, artificially limiting the supply so as to drive up demand.

Though if you want to get pissy about a deck I say get mad at Limited to 666 decks cause you know spooky, the price £17.99 per deck, which is almost as much as I paid for the last book on magic I got.

The Smiling Mule said...

The new pseudo-artistic/dramatic style of trailer is ridiculous, as well as annoying.

Thank god these aren't on the television. Is there anybody left who doesn't immediately click the half way point on the youtube timebar just to skip the pretentious tosh and see what the bloody point is?

Barry Solayme said...

There sure is, Mr Donkey: ME.

I skip the whole frigging thing. Once I see some preening nancy juggling a deck of ludicrous cards, the bottle of creme-de-menthe usually makes contact with the monitor. If I have dined well, however, I occasionally miss.


Unknown said...

I report the messages as spam. Brooks was kind enough to take the time to offer to close my account. I like the threats. Looks like I'll be making some extra accounts.

M. Carroll said...

What irks me about this deck is you have to urinate on them to get that color.