Saturday, March 16, 2013

Genius at Work

I got this DVD set: Jeff Sheridan , Genius at Work. I was excited. I put the first DVD into the player and was anticipating the street routine that made him a star on the magic horizon. And you know what the routine is good. Some card manipulation, some rope magic and some TT-work. He had this aura of confidence as he went through the performance. Some minor flashes, but I was willing to forgive that as the usual LL-crowd sat there watching. I kinda saw what all the hub hub was about Jeff Sherian.

And then he started to talk. A nervous man, shifting his weight from side to side. Struggling to find the words, clearly not structured in any way. The explanations even though sufficient were hard to sit through. I felt sorry for this man.

I put in the other DVD's. Half backed ideas and in a constant struggle to keep some pride. I was more than disappointed. There wasn't a man who was a deep thinker. His routines where shallow at best. His pitiful attempt at mentalism got no further than the usual magician's understanding of mentalism. It was sad, so sad.

The second DVD is focused entirely on card manipulation. And that is a good one. So if you are interested in some card manipulation, then get the second DVD of the 4 DVD set. If you think highly of Jeff Sheridan, then by all means, DON'T get the set. It will disappoint you.


Gershon said...

When asked by the audience at the opening of this DVD series how he is, he replied, "Not too well actually"

I am curious why he answered that question so negatively.
Does anyone know?

StanTheMan, Dallas,TX said...

One of the reasons I like Mr. Sheridan is that he's not afraid of being honest. If he wasn't well, I'm sure he had his reason(s). I would hope other spectators will be big enough to respect him for his candidness. I just purchased his entire set because he shows he's a man who has the courage to press on even if he isn't feeling up to it. Jeff's a class act who has made the "big time" the hard way... not afraid to be his own man and to love what he does. I'll put some dollars in his cup any day.