Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just a minor thing that pisses me off!

This is more and more common. It has happened to me more than once. And now some friends share the same experience... so I'm not alone.

So here is my story: So I met this magician. He was talking about his magic, and then we would talk methods and suddenly he whips out his smart phone showing me a video of his retention vanish of a coin.
Really? He said he didn't have a coin the right size with him. So I watched his video and had to comment on that. I could have supplied him with the right size coin, but hell, who am I?

A similar thing then happend just a few weeks later. This time it was about a dye tube handling (yes, that's still a thing). He had no dye tube with him. But the video was bad quality and the handling was bad as well. As far as I could make it out. So I didn't even get why he would show me that.

My friend told me of an experience like that. So he met that magician who apparently has had some tutoring by one of the greats in our business. A magician know for his matrix. Anyway. So that padawan practiced that matrix, but was not able to show it. He had a version of him doing it on the phone however...

Sick Sad World!


Magnus Asbjorn said...

I've not met a lot of magicians face to face but the idea that there nothing in the vicinity with which they can show off is hard to fathom.

Barry Solayme said...

I don't care what that asshole Schneider claims, the Matrix belongs to me.