Monday, March 18, 2013

Learn some routining!

I finally figured out my problem with Jay Sankey. I think. He simply is unable to construct routines. He is able to create effects and develop half decent methods for that. But stringing them into a coherent routine with dramatic structure built in seems to be an unobtainable goal for him.

Stand up comedians seems to divide into several groups. One of them is the "one liner comedian". There jokes are never tied to an overall story. They do not work to a certain ultimate joke or message. They simply do one lines. Jay Sankey is a one liner magician. It's trick, after trick, after trick.

Being a close up magician doesn't require that sort of stuff, yet I have to see something by Jay Sankey that qualifies as a closer trick. He is really good at creating filler. But that's about it.

Also his Erdnase change sucks. Jay, just in case you are reading this. The Erdnase change is NOT done by openly outjogging the top card. The out jog needs to happen unbeknownst to the audience watching. And you do that by making sure that NOT your middle and ring finger push forward the card, but the pinky finger. And it only starts pushing once the hand fully covered the deck. If you need to I will send you a video file of the Erdnase change done right.

On a positive note. I really like your Wichita Slip.

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