Friday, March 8, 2013

It burns, it burns so bad!

Now I got eye cancer.


Marco Lippolis said...

Hey, instead of reading crap on this blog, let's all get a move on!!! Only 2,500 in each colour and only until stocks last!!!



Barry Solayme said...

Yeah, thanks Roland. Eye Cancer is catching, and you just spread this whale-sperm eyewash all over the Internet, you no-good bastard.

It comes in two vomit-inducing color schemes: "Snail-Snot Green", or "Rat-Menses Russet".


I'll order a brick one day.

The same day when Mitt Romney and Rush Limbaugh admit their long history of steamy gay assignations in a Holiday Inn in Tucson.


Unknown said...

That was Motel Six in Phoenix, Bird Brain.

Unknown said...

Are you the same, Barry Soiled, who claims he wrote a Tarbell book?

Barry Solayme said...

I wrote what are now volumes one through six.

Some other assholes added the other ones.

Now unless you want to buy my frigging books, don't engage me in conversation.


Gael said...

It reminds me of this: