Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Act #3

Premise: What if methods don't matter, because you can do real magic, yet you do have to make it look like a magic trick. The first act broke laws of moral, ethics and spiritualism. The second act broke the laws of physics. Now the third act is all about obeying the rules. Save one!

3. The Kill
The curtain is down, the magician stands before it and says, that tonight a murder will take place. One person will be the murderer, one will be the victim. As for the method of murder... that has been taken care of. The curtain rises.

A big guillotine is revealed. The magician pulls the blade up and in usual fashion let's it drop on a melon. Then he pulls up the blade again. "I will be the murderer" the magician says "but because I can expect nobody to take the place down there, I will also be the victim." The magician lifts the wooden board that secures the neck. Then kneels down. "This will be my last trick". The magician bends down. his left hand secures the neck and after a short while he releases the rope with his right hand. The blade falls, the beheading finds it's bloody end by the head dropping into the bucket.

Seemingly an eternity seem to pass... but then movement is seen. The headless body rises. As if there is still a head attached controlling the body it moves around, the hand reaching into the bucket grabbing the head. The head is raised towards the audience and then placed on the shoulders. Some adjusting, applause pose and the curtain falls.

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