Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Piracy

There is this piracy debate that involving myself in I can only lose. Here is what I personally used to do. I didn't actively look for illegal material. But once in a while a magician buddy offered me stuff on a hard drive. I usually said: "Sure I'll make a copy."

Then I took a look. And here is what what I did. If I really liked the material... I bought it. If it was not that great, but still okay, I would stop reading. (Usually after the first chapter you can make that decision.) If it was downright awful, as most is... I did some more research. If the rest of this stuff was as bad (*cough* Devin Knight *cough*) I was glad I never even considered buying it.
And then I deleted the stuff. And that thing had something good too. I learned to appreciate many really cool magicians. (David Williamson's book for example. I would have never bought the book, if I had not had the chance reading it first.)

Now is not much different. Only difference I decline illegal magic offerings. Don't wanna be part of that anymore. But any magic product goes through the same process. First I ask my magic friends and I even contact the dealer how an item works. I have been disappointed many, many times. I wanna know exactly how stuff works before I buy it. And when I dealer refuses to tell me "how practical" an item is, or if it needs sleeves then I can be pretty sure that it's not going on my list because it's crap.

I got a question. If I see a trick and I really like it, and without knowing about any of the moves, gimmicks and such... and I make up my own method, that works. Is that already piracy? If it turns out along the way that the method is identical (happens more often than you think) is that piracy? If my method is actually more practical, is that piracy? Is doing the same effect piracy already?

Is taking an idea piracy? I always thought booty is real stuff. Loot has weight and matter. And idea lacks that. If a book is out of print, yet I got the illegal copy, and I wish I could buy it with the money I have, yet I can't get it would that be piracy?

Arrrrr! There are so many questions that come out of this.

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Marplots said...

Well, since we are on the subject of swiping stuff, where did you get that nice picture of a pirate and who owns the rights? I couldn't find any crediting for it.