Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WMF The Clown

Andrew over at Ye Olde Magick Blogge has such a nice run with the archetypes of magic. That inspired me (great term of ripping off an idea) to post my most disliked types of characters that magicians portray worthy of failure. Let's continue with the Clown:

We all have met them. Performers who wear silly costumes in bright colors and a huge bow tie. Sometimes they openly say they are clowns, but most often they just behave like clowns. It doesn't mean that they are bad magicians, but most often that is the case. Somehow they seem to miss that it is not the clown's outfit that makes him funny or tragic. There is nothing wrong with a clown doing magic tricks, but I think that a magician should not be a clown. Or if he chooses to look like one at least not to call yourself a magician. The following performer fits that category. Again I am making no judgement about his personality, his skill or his likability. It's just the character that he chose to be while performing that I cannot stand. It's personal I know, but it's my blog:

How can an adult man dress like that? And expect to be taken seriously? Have you ever been to a magic convention. Some of these guys even dare to wear that stuff there. Do ventriloquists bring their puppets? I think not. Sometimes they wear nice attire, but something almost always shows through. Like the tie with card symbols and the little golden rabbit pin. Where do they get that stuff? Where do you get a purple suit, a black shit and a yellow tie? Wait... hold on. Not far from where I live... shit.

The ususal response is: "Come on, it's for kids!" Do Kids deserve this?

Edit: The prototype for this is Ali Bongo. As much as I like the guy, the act was horrific. So hard to bear.

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Illusions By Vick said...

That guy should just stick to balloon animals <- My gift for the obvious

I also intensely dislike poorly dressed slobs trying to pass themselves off as magicians. Magic has no barrier to entry so anyone ........