Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Rant

Starts at 3:10

A Zach Mueller you are young, therefore death is funny. But don't let it hang out that you simply don't care about people dying with grinning through the entire sales pitch you did. A little more maturity... it'll come with age. Right now you have to fake it.

Also, why a deck of card. If you want to spend money for a cause, do so. Don't buy a deck of cards. The cards cost 10 dollars the deck. 100% of proceeds derived from sale of this deck will go directly to charity: water operations. That means the 10 bucks minus the production costs. I have no clue how much these decks really cost. But I got told that in the magic business a sales margin of 900% is normal. I don't know if that applies to playing cards, but let's assume that of the 10 bucks you would spend 8 dollars got to charity water operations. The rest is for the cards and shipping and handling.

So if you wanna help and spend 10 bucks. Go directly to the source:


Anonymous said...

Yes maybe a bit too much of his overly cheery persona for this bit but, on the other hand I am heartily sick of the faux sincerity from celebs.

Regardless of his delivery he is still doing a good thing.

Your point about going directly to source is a fair one but a lot of us are inherently selfish and, if getting a pack of cards gets people to donate, then I'm all for it.

Overall I think you've been a bit unfair on Zach

Roland said...

Well yes, I am a bit unfair. That is the purpose of my blog. But holding on to the claim that the selfishness of people cannot overcome true altruistic motifs is a bit pessimistic. Having the holidays right now is such a nice "background" for true donations, not just for people who want swag.

Besides the cards are ugly.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm....swag...Merry Christmas Roland

the Minutemen said...

Roland, my initial thought is 'ok, just buy a deck for some good cause.' But after a while, I find out that I need to pay another 8-10 dollars extra for shipping. Well, I gave up.

Regarding 900% profit it might be, however, Murphy's suggested 40% profit margin without consider they charge 15% plus shipping to magic shops. You can tell how slim profir a magic shop can get most times.

The latest new product line of T11 is disappointing, actually they made most items disappointing, only fancy cards and flourishes teaching video on demand the whole year. Where's the magic besides 'Smoke' that I can only recall instantly?

Like you said, T11 only target to kids of eleven years old. Not for professional magicians.

Anyways, Merry Christmas.

Michael Jay said...

Maybe it's just me, but I want to slap that smile right off that kid's face.

Unknown said...

I'm amused at how he starts dropping names within 5 seconds of the beginning of this vid...

Unknown said...

Wow. Don't know how I got here. Zach is just as ugly in person as he is in the video. The first time I met him he was really nice, but then after that he was just rude and gave me the cold shoulder. I asked some of my friends about it who have also met him and they all said the same thing. He is just totally disrespectful and snobbish to anyone who won't feed his ego. It's really a shame.